How to get gift cards for free.

At we believe sharing is caring so we have a reward program for every user and using reward points(RP) you can earn free gift cards. such as Amazon gift card, Google play gift card, iTunes Gift card, steam prepaid card and other which available at

So how to earn reward points?

We provide reward points upon registering an account, sharing on Facebook, sharing on Twitter, referring a friend and on each successful order.

How much reward you can earn on each completed task?

  1. Register an account – 100 RP.
  2. Share on Facebook – 50 RP
  3. Share on Twitter – 50 RP
  4. Refer a friend – 200RP
  5. On every successful order – equal to the amount of order (e.g. if your order total is $100 you will receive 100 RP.)

You can accumulate RP to reach certain amount to buy a product or you can redeem them to get discount.

How much 100 RP worth?

100 RP = $1 so if you have 1000 RP it will worth $10 and you can redeem it for any gift card worth of $10.

How to redeem reward points?

  • Choose a product you want to buy
  • Add to cart
  • Go to cart or checkout page
  • There you will see a notification showing available RP and you can redeem them by clicking on the apply button.

Click on reward tab to know more.

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